BattlesceneMedieval tabletop warfare

A game of strategy and skill pitting an unlimited number of players against each other in an struggle for superiority.

Medieval ShortsOn the Run

Short story based in a fantasy world.


The first two collections of poetry by the Utopian Fool. Part of the “Journals of a Juvnor” series.

Innocence of Youthful Endeavour

Innocence of Youthful Endeavour

Produce of Pondering Verse Mongers

Produce of Pondering Verse Mongers

Futuristic Fantasy

A collection of Science fiction stories.



In the short time I’ve walked I’ve thought a days thoughts.


I get the feeling that we are riding the drifts of life
The currents colliding
Randomising our paths
Throwing us around

Music is playing our linear lives
So we can hear it go by
So we can feel it pass time.


No inertia, momentum or force
Nothing guiding me on my course.


Up in smoke like an alchemist’s dream


They come from the other galaxy to share our files!!!!!!

Into Space


We had no choice. We only had a generation left before the terrible event. There was no way to change it, no idea that would affect the outcome, our planet and most of what resided on its surface would be destroyed.

Many splinter groups broke off from the migration program amongst the larger continents, refusing to accept that everything would change and that our home would cease to be habitable. Even if they were to survive the impact, hidden in underground shelters and biospheres, there would be little chance of planetary regeneration. The calculations all confirmed that the solar system was going to be so drastically altered that it could take thousands of years before any planet would be habitable again.

That leads me here. Left with a choice to make.

Do I leave this wreck of a room I call home? Abandon the life I have made, for the future of our race? Or stay and hope we could survive this mess? Either way filled with so much uncertainty……


A leap.



The pod clung on to the belly,  tethered by many strands, riding the meteor like a parasite.